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automation to outsourcing given the relative strength and size of the workforce in the United States," said an article from the Harvard Political Review published in July.Globalization and int▓ernational trade are not to be blamed entirely for the loss of jobs in the United States, said the professor, whose conclusion is most evident in the autom▓otive industry

.As automakers expand their global footprint to reach the wid▓est consumers possible, they are inclined to choose suppliers that could provide them auto parts globally in order to manage cost and quality. The inherent requirement for auto p▓arts suppliers is to go global with automakers.STEC opened a plant in Madison Heights, Michigan in 2014 to stay as close to its▓ customers as possible, marking another step in its global exp

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ansion▓. The Chinese company has a global workforce of more than 6▓,000 serving more than 50 customers in every major region of the world.STEC USA has since employed 15 U.S. locals and is aiming to hire mor

e than 10 times that figure.FOREIGN BENEFITSAt Henniges' headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan, Chinese national fla▓g stood high in f

ront of the building, alongside those of the United States, Mexico, Germany, and many more, showcasing the company's ▓global presence.In 2015, the

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